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Acoustic Guitar: Natural

Acoustic Guitar: Natural

This beginner guitar is designed and sized especially for young players. Featuring great tone, comfort & playability. Low string action means easy playing for beginners. Patented string post covers protect little fingers.

Features Include:

  • Great feel and accurate tuning
  • Low string height means easier playing for little fingers
  • Comfortable medium size neck and body
  • Great tone, comfort and playability
  • Patented string post covers protect little fingers
  • Chord cards get kids playing right away
  • String post stickers teach string names

Gross Motor Skills
Instant rock star! Young performers strike stage poses, play solos, and strum with gusto

Social Learning
Pretend play, such as imitating characters and putting on shows, lets young performers work on social skills and self-esteem.

Fine Motor Skills
Practicing and playing notes and chords hones fine motor skills. 

Language Learning
Creating a story or song is a musical way that kids can reinforce language skills. 

Cognitive Skills
Young players learn about cause and effect as they strum strings.

Recommended For Ages 4+

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