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General FAQ

General Questions

Where can I find a manual for my instrument?

Click here to search our product database and download any accompanying documentation.

Where can I purchase First Act products?

First Act products are available in many of your favorite retail stores and online stores nationwide. If you have trouble locating First Act products near you, call 1-888-551-1115 or email info@firstact.com, and our Consumer Service Specialists will be glad to help you find a retailer near you.

How do I obtain replacement parts for my First Act product?

Please call 1-888-551-1115 or email info@firstact.com and we will be happy to help in obtaining replacement parts and accessories for your First Act instrument.Please be ready to provide the model number to your product as to ensure quick and accurate assistance.

What happens if I forget to register my First Act product?

Quick, register it now! But don't worry, whether you register your First Act product or not, we will still honor your warranty rights. However, we do encourage you to register as it helps us better serve you and gives you immediate access to product information and support through our website.

Where do I find First Act product warranty info?

If you have any questions regarding your First Act product, do not return this product to the retail store, contact Consumer Service at 1-888-551-1115 or info@firstact.com. To assist us in providing the best possible consumer service, register online Click here. Failure to register your First Act product or to complete or return the product registration card does not diminish your warrant rights.

Where can I find replacement strings for my First Act and / or First Act Discovery Lap Harp?

All strings on First Act lap harps are electric guitar G strings with the gauge being .016. These may be found at any local music shop or music retailer.

Where can I find a power adaptor for my instrument?

The only adaptor we currently sell is the 14V adaptor for the portable amp. Any other adaptor can be purchased at a local electronics store. Such as: Best Buy, RadioShack, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

Didn't find your question? Please email us and we'll be happy to answer it!