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First Act

Electric Guitar Pack

Hot guitar! This rocker features a double cutaway body shape designed in First Act's Studio for Artists. A single high output humbucking pickup delivers great rock distortion. The maple neck and rosewood fingerboard offer smooth playing. The hardtail bridge and 2+4 headstock maximize sustain. Comes with an amplifier and picks so you're ready to rock out!

Recommended For Ages 14+

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You will always remember your first electric guitar–strumming that first chord, feeling the feedback coming from the amp and dreaming of rock stardom. As you learn notes and chords, your guitar becomes an extension of yourself. Gradually, you can reproduce the sounds in your head, and coax new sounds out of your guitar make your own music. Eventually, you may join a band and find yourself on stage performing for your first audience, and First Act will be there with you.
How to Tune a guitar?
Click here to visit our online guitar tuner.
Click here to learn how to tune your Discovery guitar.
How do I restring my guitar?
Instructions on how to restring your guitar can be found in our Electric Guitar Quick Start Guide and our Acoustic Guitar Quick Start Guide, click either link to download.
I've just taken my new guitar out of the box for the first time and the strings seem loose, do I need to tune them?
Before you play your guitar the first time you will need to tune the strings. We keep the strings detuned in the box to reduce tension on the guitar during shipping and help prevent damage. You can find instructions on how to tune up your new guitar in our Electric Guitar Quick Start Guide and our Acoustic Guitar Quick Start Guide, click either link to download. We also have an online guitar tuner to help you tune each string to the correct pitch. If you need help, please don't hesitate to call us at 888-551-1115, email us, or initiate a Live Chat through our website and we'll be happy to offer assistance.
What is a guitar pickup?
No, it isn't a truck you use to transport your guitars! A guitar pickup is a set of magnetic pole pieces that lie beneath the guitar strings and "pick up" their vibrations, converting them into an electrical signal that travels through the guitar's output jack, through the instrument cable and into the amplifier. The amplified sound of the electric guitar largely depends on the kind of pickup used, and where the pickup lies beneath the strings. Our First Act pickups are double-coil pickups, commonly referred to as a "humbucker" because the extra row of coils cancels out excess electrical hum that often results from single-coil pickups. This type of pickup is ideal for both melodic clean tones and scorching rock leads.