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Electronic Drum Kit

First Act's Digital Electronic Drum Set gives you access to 8 pre-set virtual drum kits, or up to 10 of your own custom kits assembled from any combination of the 64 included drum sounds. Use the built in USB port to connect to your PC or Mac and record your playing using the included Cakewalk software. Mix and edit your performance, add a band, upload and share to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, email, and even burn CDs. The possibilities are endless!

Recommended For Ages 14+

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First Act's electronic drum kit provides a number of advantages over a real drum kit. In addition to the most obvious benefit of being able to practice quietly with headphones without disturbing the neighbors, electronic drums also have the benefit of being smaller and lighter than a full-sized kit, providing portability and easy storage. With sound samples taken from 8 different drum kits, you can dial in the ideal sound to suit your favorite style of music. To record, it's as simple as plugging into your computer's USB port, launching the included Cakewalk software, and laying down some beats.
I have questions about setting up the Cakewalk software included with my First Act Electronic Drum Kit.
Please give us a call at 888-551-1115, email us, or initiate a Live Chat through our website and we will guide you through the installation and setup process.