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Full Size Drumset

Our full-sized drum set has excellent tone, and everything you need to rock out. Drums include snare, rack tom, floor tom, and bass drum with chain-drive bass drum pedal. Hi-hat and fast crash cymbals come with stands. Multi-ply wooden drum shells and single dual lug design deliver truer tone and great resonance and response. Includes drumsticks and tuning key.

Recommended For Ages 14+

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If you were tapping rhythms on the table before you could walk, you may be a drummer. Our full-sized drum set is the ideal choice for teens and young adults who have the rhythm and are ready to move from the table top to a real kit. You'll develop your skills and coordination as you practice to master the kick drum and hi-hat pedals with your feet while maintaining a steady pattern with your hands. As you continue to advance you'll move on to more complex syncopated rhythms, and soon you'll be ready to play in a band. That's a good thing for all of us–a good drummer is hard to find!
Can drumheads be replaced if they break or wear out?
Yes, drumheads can be replaced as part of normal drum set maintenance. Please call 1-888-551-1115 or email info@firstact.com to find more information about pricing and availability of replacement drumheads to fit your drum set.