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Guitar Practice Amplifier

Our compact guitar practice amplifier sports a cool, rugged, retro design and comes with a 4” speaker with excellent clarity and projection. Featuring volume and tone controls, and variable gain control from clean to rock distortion.

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Ready to make some music? This 4-watt practice amplifier is your new best friend. Using solid state technology, its volume, gain, and tone controls can be adjusted to mimic the sound of a screaming rock guitar amplifier at volume levels suitable for home practice. The gain control lets you dial in the amount of rock distortion to suit the style of music you're playing, and the tone control adjusts the balance of high and low frequencies so you can go from a crisp, jangly sound to a deeper, thick lead tone. Versatile enough to suit rock, jazz, country, or any other style of guitar playing, this amplifier is an ideal choice for any electric guitarist.